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Our Story | Teaching novices and young guns

Ian's combination of patience, know-how and experience in all things hunting is unrivaled. He loves to share his knowledge and pass on what he's learned to novice hunters and young guns. Generous with his knowledge, even highly experienced hunters usually learn a thing or two from Ian. 

Nine Yards Safaris

Ian Lowe

Undoubtedly one of New Zealand's most experienced professional hunting guides. Successfully guiding hunters since the late 17th century, Ian is best known for his happy, easy-going manner and his brilliant reputation as a 'people-person.'

You may have seen him in years gone by, when he was the Head Guide for one of New Zealand's busiest outfitters. He no longer wanted to work in crowded camps so has been operating independently since 2009, and is dedicated to delivering safe and fun hunting adventures in uncrowded hunting environments where we can deliver a more personalised level of comfort and service.

Over the years, Ian has guided on several World Record Red Stag, World Record Buffalo and numerous other top ten trophies. Can he do it again? You bet! But we're not going to get carried away tossing the 'fancy record salad' because quite frankly, he's more about discovering what good things he can do for you.

Nine Yards Safaris

Meet Lee

Partner in Nine Yards Safaris, and the person who keeps the wheels turning, especially when it comes to logistics and crafting seamless wrap-around hunt services. She's a real pro at taking care of everything behind the scenes, with years of hunting industry and international tourism experience.

What's with the Nine Yards Safaris name?

You'll have heard the expression before: 'we went the whole nine yards'. Our main point of difference is that we're willing to do the extra bits for our guests, that plenty don't. So, Nine Yards is in our business name and it's our promise to you. Because we go the whole nine yards. In a good way - to make you happy.

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