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Nine Yards Safaris

Nine Yards Safaris is truly one of the finest in the business 

We have hunted both the North and South islands of New Zealand with them and had incredible hunts both times. Everything was first class, from the accommodations, to the food but especially the hunting! Ian is an incredible guide who always prides himself not only on the trophy quality but on the experience of the hunt itself. That being said, the trophy quality was top notch and the prices were reasonable. Ian is a great guy, super fun to be with and everything went off without a hitch.

Lee, Ian’s wife, arranged all of our flights, accommodations and itineraries and they exceeded our expectations a hundred times over. She worked tirelessly, customizing our trip until we had everything covered.

We recommend them to everyone and we look forward to our upcoming hunt in Australia with Nine Yards Safaris!!

Gus & Hank Osterkamp, California.

Ian was an amazing host and superior hunting guide. He made Sue feel comfortable in the mountains despite her fear of heights. His sense of humor came in handy on some daunting cliffs, Sue enjoyed the hunting
more than I could have ever wished for, thanks to Ian.

Eric Haggerty
Nine Yards Safaris

When I asked a fellow central Oregonian who he recommended he said “Go with Ian Lowe, do not talk to anyone else”.  

My wife Sue and I booked a 2.5 week trip that would cover both islands, free range and fenced hunts as well as touring wine country on both islands. This would be the first time Sue has hunted with me in the 20 years we had been together.
Ian knows his craft, he is passionate about hunting and extremely diligent about doing what the client wants to do. We quickly became friends and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him in the mountains. I harvested 6 trophies, lots of wallaby whacking (very fun) and we saw what most tourists will never get to experience.

We will be going back for another visit, and will most definitely go with Ian Lowe.

Eric Hagerty, Terrebonne , Oregon




My wife went with me and Lowie (Ian) made sure she was comfortable with the hunt and conditions. He guided her to an exceptional sika deer. My wife has never shot a deer and shot a rifle very little.  With Lowie’s guidance and after sitting behind the gun for 2 hours, she shot a great sika at 317 yards.

Mike Goldsmith
Nine Yards Safaris

The hunting was incredible. We saw stag, fallow and sika deer. Lowie educated us on the different deer and their habits.

As a hunter from the States going to New Zealand, Lowie made sure I was well aware of what to expect.
On the way from the airport he told us about the area and the history of New Zealand. We were extremely surprised at the warmness of lodge upon arrival. Excellent bed, very large bathroom and a front porch to sit on and watch the country around us - with an open bar to enjoy a relaxing drink and socialize with the other hunters. Meals were five star.

Lowie taught us how to recognize different species and their vocalizations.  If you have never heard the roar of a stag through the fog, it's something you will never forget. He showed us a lot of deer. I finally picked the one that I wanted and we hunted that deer for 2 days. My shooting wasn't the best but, with Lowie’s patience and guidance, we got it done. 

If you ever have the opportunity to meet Lowie and his wife Lee who is easy to talk to and makes sure the small things are all taken care of, you will have new friends for life.

Mike Goldsmith
Austin, Texas.

Lee, it will probably take me a month or so to capture what I experienced in NZ with Ian. There is probably no use in me telling you how good a guide he is because you have probably heard it many times before. Simply unbelievable is his skill and knowledge of the outdoors.

Rob Hall, Washington DC

Brian 'Pigman' Quaca has a bit to say

This good character has been to New Zealand to hunt with us twice, each time with a group to film several episodes for Pigman TV. Here's what he's got to say about hunting with Ian. Filmed before we changed our name from Ian Lowe Hunting to Nine Yards Safaris.

I have hunted with Ian and Nine Yard Safaris two different times. They do a great job and the quality of the game is amazing! I went with a small group the first trip we took and the second time we went with some of our best friends a total of 10 people and our wives came! That should tell you how much we enjoyed our time with Nine Yard Safaris!

Mike Stroff, Savage Outdoors
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