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Hunt Chamois

Chamois is the most graceful game animal found in New Zealand

It is supremely adapted to the mountainous environment of New Zealand's South Island. The chamois is related to the antelope family and is a fascinating animal to watch as it dances down steep faces, with an agility that will knock your socks off.

Bucks are usually solitary animals that are sometimes found in small bachelor groups outside of the rut in late April when they will join female groups - a good trophy will have horns of around 10 inches.

About hunting chamois

Most hunters choose to combine a free range tahr and chamois hunt, as these species are found in similar areas. With Nine Yards Safaris, you have a choice on how you would like to hunt this species. You can be based at the lodge and hunt on foot, stay in a spike hunt – or as a helicopter accessed hunt to reach the more remote alpine hunting areas. But remember, flying in by heli doesn’t mean a bigger trophy – it’s all about knowing where to hunt and savoring the experience. Heli accessed hunts are brilliant fun, but they can be over in just one hour.


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