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Nine Yards Safaris

The first time you focus your binoculars on a red stag....

Red Stag

You’ll understand why red stag hunting was once regarded as the Sport of Kings. You never know if this majestic and mighty animal will run on sight or stand his ground in an aggressive pose.

Hunting red stag with us 

You’ll be in the field amongst abundant herds with heads of incredible size and variety. The antler characteristics of red stag vary more than any other New Zealand species, in terms of size, number and style of tines, and variation in antler colour.

From long tines to drop tines, wide, heavy or freaky with kickers, you’ll find your perfect trophy in our uncrowded and expansive hunting environments. Whatever size and style you’re after, we guarantee to offer you outstanding variety whatever your budget, and whichever Island you'd like to base your hunt.

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Johnny gets his red. Again.

John Sars came back and did it again.  He took a 'toad' of a red stag. What a fun guy and a fun hunt, his love for hunting red stag is fantastically infectious!

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Hear me roar!

If you hunt during the red stag rut, you'll probably be roaring like this too!

The run starts in mid March and runs until around the middle of April. Hunts need to be booked well in advance for this period, due to high demand.

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