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Nine Yards Safaris

Earn your trophy.

So you’re a bow hunter. Archery adventures are pretty awesome at our preferred ranch. The diverse typography means you’ll experience a combination of spot and stalk, sitting over a wallow and calling in the field - probably with a fair mix of fun and the odd frustration too as you push yourself.

It’s good to know that Ian has a guiding record of successful bow hunts that’s longer than your arm, which comes in handy. Because we both know it’s an awesome achievement to succeed hunting red stag with a bow.


What and when?

Sika is also a possibility with a bow, and bow-hunting fallow is tricky but not impossible. Our steep NZ bluffs also offer archers some fun hunting opportunities for mountain goats and rams, and the odd turkey for fun. Early season is a great time for bow hunters pursuing red stag. We do not guarantee a kill with the bow and we’ll ask you to have some flexibility with stag sizes so you will have the best chance of success.

It will probably take me a month or so to capture what I experienced in NZ with Ian.... Simply unbelievable is his skill and knowledge of the outdoors.

Rob Hall, Bow hunter. Washington DC

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