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Fallow can be a bit tricky to hunt

If you're after the challenge of hunting an animal that's even more likely than most to spot you first, consider adding Fallow to your hunt. The distinctive paddles will often give a Fallow buck away as he watches you from a warm valley. Small in body size and always alert, his gruffly croak and grunting carries well in the valley and across ridges and it is often hard to pinpoint the location of this deer. If you hunt the Fallow rut between early April and late May, you might be witness to vicious fights between the bucks of this species. 


 Variety on offer

What colour do you prefer? Many of our hunters tend to prize black or chocolate brown, followed by the spotted menil. Whatever your preference, the paddle antler make an attractive trophy. Fallow can be hunted in both the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

Fallow hunting in the North Island is estate only, and in the South Island we offer you private land access with your guide to hunt free range fallow.

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