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Nine Yards Safaris

The perfect 'top off' to your New Zealand big game hunt

Arapawa Ram and Feral Goats are ideal as a first trophy for novice hunters, and are a fun and affordable addition to a trophy hunt for any deer species. Both species can be entered into the South Pacific Record Book.

Our hunters tend to like Rams as a euro or shoulder mount, because the huge curled horns dwarf the small skull. Other hunters are amused by the tightly curled fleece, almost like dreadlocks in some cases. You might be surprised at how cunning a ram can be, if a Ram is alerted to your presence, he will not stop moving until he is under heavy cover.

The long spiralled horns of the goat can easily exceed 30 inches from tip to tip. A fine weather animal, these are best hunted during the middle of the day when most other animals are tucked up under cover.