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Rusa are incredibly elusive

You're in luck! We are one of the few outfitters to offer Rusa. This species only inhabits select areas of the North Island, and you are best to combine with other species for a challenging hunt on the ranch in the Tuatara Valley from June.

The Jarvan Rusa is similar in size to the red deer, with a typical mature stag weighing up to 440lbs. With only six points, the antler is very dense and heavily pearled. If this species is heavily hunted it is likely to go nocturnal.

Hunting Rusa

Generally Rusa prefer to inhabit steep country, with dense bush. Rusa can occasionally be glassed sunbathing, especially after a cold frost as this species is not a fan of cooler temperatures. A good time to successfully hunt Rusa is often throughout the heat of the day when the other deer species are bedded down.

If you’re keen on South Pacific Species and like the idea of bagging a brilliant trophy Rusa, it's also worth knowing we offer both Jarvan and Moluccan subspecies in Australia.


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