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Sika South Pacific

Sambar is the most cunning deer species

If you're a serious trophy hunter working your way through South Pacific species, the sambar will guarantee you a tough challenge. Sambar are known to possess the ability to live close to humans without being detected.

Limited to the North Island, only a few professional guides and outfitters have access to hunt this magnificent trophy. We're one of them. A mature Sambar stag can weigh around 700 lbs, with the dense antler making it a highly sought after South Pacific Trophy. If you're after a larger or 'gnarly' Sambar, we offer these in our Australian hunting safaris because this species does best in warmer climates. 


Hunting Sambar

If the Sambar is in a small clearing when it detects you, it will drop quickly out of site and crawl sneakily on its knees back into the safety of the bush. To take advantage of the best Sambar hunting opportunities in New Zealand, Ian has some secret spots around the North Island for you to discover, so a Sambar hunt will usually involve a fun road trip and motel style accommodation.

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