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Nine Yards Safaris

How wild do you want to go?

So you’re a free-ranger. We can take you on a true wilderness adventure, and we can offer you opportunities to vast amounts of private hunting land where the herds roam wildly. Let's not beat around the bush though, if you're after a large trophy and exceptional genetics - you won't find them via genuine free range hunting. Despite what some people might tell you.

More than 50 years of zero game management across free range herds means that our estates hold the very best managed genetics. You can expect legitimate free range red stag trophies to max out at around SCI 350, but of course this doesn't detract from the brilliant adventure of a free range hunt. Nice 10, 12 and 14 point stags are possible. All our species except Rusa can be hunted free range.

Free range Tahr and Chamois hunts

We understand that your experience is as important as a quality, and we offer genuine free range wilderness hunts. We can't guarantee you'll get a trophy, but we do guarantee no high fences, no farm bred animals and exceptional guiding. The magnificent Bull Tahr is one of the world's most sought after mountain game animals, and your free range foot hunt will take place in the mountains of New Zealand's central South Island region. A high level of fitness is required to get the most out of a free range hunting experience for Tahr and chamois, and the terrain is best suited to rifle hunting, although we happily cater for bow hunters.

Ian was an amazing host and superior hunting guide. He made Sue feel comfortable in the mountains despite her fear of heights. His sense of humor came in handy on some daunting cliffs, Sue enjoyed the hunting
more than I could have ever wished for, thanks to Ian.

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