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Nine Yards Safaris
  • You want a great experience because you have an adventurous streak.
  • You’re here because you’ve got passion.
  • You’re playing with the idea of a trip to New Zealand to hunt Red Stag, Sika or maybe Tahr.
  • Perhaps you’re even thinking about hunting Buffalo in Australia.
  • You want an experience that will push your boundaries to reward you in the field. And if it comes with the wrap-around comforts and service that will take you ahead of the curve, even better.

We’re not so different, you and us. We like hunting and rewarding experiences that make you happy.

What's your ideal experience?

If it's not here, it doesn't mean we don't offer it. 

Why choose Nine Yards Safaris?

We're all about you

We go the whole nine yards to expertly craft your adventure, so that it fits you perfectly.

Authentic hunting

We know you're not interested in a baited, canned or crowded hunt experience. Neither are we.

Variety is our game

We offer 14+ game species, and accommodation from wilderness tent camps to luxury lodges.

Group experts

We're the 'go-to' outfitter for private group hunts, with wrap-around services to keep everyone happy.

Explore species

Ready to chat about a hunt?