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Tahr is the king of the mountains

Hunting the 'king of the mountains' can be challenging. You'll need to be on your game when you hunt a Bull Tahr, because it can have as much adrenaline as a Cape Buffalo - if you're adventurous you can be well rewarded with a glorious trophy.

The Bull Tahr lives at an altitude between 2,500 and 5,000 feet, and is an incredible trophy that deserves a place on your bucket list. With a large lion-like mane and stunning winter cape this is an impressive mountain dweller. Horns range between 10 - 15 inches. The Bull Tahr is so outstanding, that anything less than a life-size mount would be a shame.


About hunting Bull Tahr

If a foot hunt is your preference, you'll need to be reasonably fit as this can get tough at times on the steep country. We might spot Tahr from two miles away and need to work our way towards it, which is no small challenge given this is a species with sharp eyes. Shots may vary from 50 to 400 yards. 

Four wheel drive vehicles can only make it so far when hunting Tahr. We are happy to arrange helicopter access with experienced local pilots if you're seeking a different, and incredibly exciting type of Tahr hunting experience.


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