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Sika South Pacific

The Sika is a beautiful deer

When you hunt Sika with us you will benefit from hunting the largest estate Sika herd in the South Pacific. The genetic quality is outstanding. No less outstanding are the free range Sika herds that roam the outskirts of the estate and beyond.  You can hunt around the original liberation point for this species in New Zealand with us, so it's perfectly reasonable for you to expect exceptional trophy quality. On an average day you will see at least 15 of these beautiful deer, including both estate and free range.


An exciting animal to hunt

Sika emit a high pitched squeal when disturbed or alarmed. Aggressive towards one another, the Sika are often seen fighting, particularly from early April and their distinctive rutting call can be heard almost into June. When alarmed, they will display a flared out rump patch, usually visible as they silently disappear into thick cover with not even the telltale sound of a branch moving or twig breaking. Are you ready to put your hunting ability to the test?


Free range sika

Free range sika

We operate in the heart of free
range sika country.



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